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Secure additional sales with
Avalon’s proven programs.
Find out how to energize your marketing efforts.

Customer Equipment Leases

Аttractive payment programs and easy credit
process save money and improve operations.

Senior Living Industry

Highly proficient in senior living, Avalon can finance equipment for new and existing communities.

Business Loans

Need cash? Our numerous programs
provide cash quickly with minimal paperwork.


Flexible Solutions. Simple Process. Fast Funding.

Enhance your business performance with Avalon Leasing’s superb lease services and unmatched attention. Whether an equipment vendor or a customer seeking a lease or loan your successful outcome is our only focus. Up to $150,000 with a one page form in many cases! $150,000 to $1,000,000 with financial statements.

Secure sales faster and maintain higher profit margins.

Multiple options and rapid funding for equipment and loans.

Avalon’s specialty market. We finance nurse call, furniture, and much more.

Immediate cash for any business reason. Fast funding.

7 Reasons Why Selecting Avalon is Smart Business

1) Simple Process.

Avalon only requires a one page form that is simple to complete and user friendly. Whether using our secure online application or PDF form, five short minutes is all it takes to request your lease approval.

2) Fast Response.

Expect a credit decision in mere hours, not weeks like banks. Same day document delivery.

3) Rapid Equipment Delivery.

Avalon’s rapid approval process helps ensure rapid delivery and installation of your newly ordered equipment. In addition, we offer vendor deposit funding up to 100%.

4) Superb Programs.

Our programs include finance agreements, rental leases, municipal leases, or just straight loans. We cater to vendor and lessee needs and provide guidance to assist you.

5) No Extra Collateral Required.

Avalon secures just the equipment. Period. This leaves your other assets free for other borrowing opportunities such as marketing and corporate growth.

6) 100% Financing.

Our customers may lease finance equipment, installation, delivery, training, software and more all with just the first monthly rental! No down payment required.

7) Kid Glove Service.

When you require personal attention to your immediate needs there is just one company to turn to. Avalon Leasing. We emphasize long term mutually beneficial relationships. Contact David Meltzer or Margaret Campbell to find out more at (888) 332-8007 or email us.

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