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Provide Your Customers with Attractive Payment Options and Increase Sales

Take advantage of the benefits Avalon’s financing programs convey to enhance customer satisfaction and close sales easier and faster.  Your customers will appreciate the option of securing financing rapidly and with ease.  Your business will enjoy the benefits that a streamlined program presents to your sales and marketing efforts.  With the ability to finance equipment for a variety of customers and industries partnering with Avalon Leasing is an easy decision.

By Partnering With Avalon You Give Your Customers Access to:

  • $150,000- of credit with a one page application form.
  • Financing to $1,000,000- including lines of credit.
  • Superb personal service from the experienced officers of Avalon.
  • Wide selection of lease programs to suit their needs.
  • Ability to retain cash for other needs.
  • Rapid credit decisions of 2-4 hours in most cases.

Realize These Substantial Benefits as an Avalon Vendor:

  • Improved closure of quotes by offering your clients financing as a way to acquire your equipment.
  • Obtain repeat business with our lessee lease lines of credit.
  • Same day approval in many cases wraps up your sale fast.
  • Advance prefunding of 50% or more improves cash flow.
  • Custom programs designed for your equipment and marketplace.
  • Our officers are highly accessible and offer 25 years of experience.
  • Instant payment calculator for anytime quotation assistance.


My customers pay cash, why should I offer leasing?

Without knowing it many customers delay purchases or even select a competitor if no financing plan is offered by the supplier. Offering your prospect two ways to obtain your equipment, cash or lease, will improve your sales performance.

What sort of help does Avalon provide?

Our services are complete including assisting with payment quotes, obtaining the credit application, document preparation and funding. By doing it all we leave you free to devote your time to sales and other activities.

Can I easily calculate payments myself?

Yes! Avalon has an online payment calculator that provides multiple options in just seconds. These payments are accurate subject to the customer credit being satisfactory.

How quickly am I paid?

Avalon funds rapidly, within a few days of final delivery. We also can advance fund any required deposit to 50% or more.

Why would my customers lease when they can get a bank loan?

This is a good question with multiple answers. Banks often take weeks to approve loans and anything under $100,000- is a nuisance loan to them. Also, your customer may not be bank qualified. Finally, the ease and rapidity of leasing with Avalon has substantial value to the end customer.

How do I start my leasing partnership with Avalon?

Just call us toll free (770) 790-8444 to discuss your company and its specific needs. There are no contracts to sign or commitments. We look forward to helping your company achieve its goals in the future.