Avalon Approves More Customers

While most leasing companies have rigid credit parameters Avalon uses a different approach that benefits our customers.  Simply put, we communicate closely with each applicant in order to secure the best possible credit decision.  Rather than credit scoring we listen, learn, and rapidly deliver superior financing options.

We Don’t Credit Score

Avalon looks at a number of factors when reviewing an application.  Rather than using a scoring model, we speak directly to a principal or manager to get a feel for the history and direction of the company.  This yields more approvals with better terms.

Newer and Established Companies Financed

Whether brand new or long established our multitude of programs for leases and loans can help your company secure equipment and even working capital.  Obtain the equipment you need today to realize growth tomorrow.

Few Equipment Limitations

Avalon funds a large variety of equipment and allows all soft costs such as installation and training to be included.  We even lease appliances, furniture and vehicles.  Used equipment is permitted too.

Highly Experienced Officers

Our officers possess decades of experience, review all transactions and communicate directly with the company applying.  This means more vendor approvals and often delivers excellent terms for the customer as well.

Personal Credit History

Avalon does require the individual guaranty of owners of closely held businesses.  We look for a satisfactory history and a few minor credit bumps are usually accepted when explained.  Larger or established companies need not personally guarantee leases in many instances.

Overall Picture

Avalon looks at the company and the industry, the past credit history, the owner’s credit rating, the equipment, and any story as a part of our overall credit review.  We often write up a transaction after discussions helping us deliver a 90%+ approval rate over the years.