Get Up to $150,0000 of Equipment Today with No Financial Statements

Business funding for equipment or cash needs can be a difficult and time consuming process.  Lengthy applications, financial statement requirements and credit committees can put a rapid halt to your expansion and growth opportunities.

Avalon’s same day approval process accelerates the delivery of your new equipment with up to $150,000 credit with a simple one page application in most cases.  Need cash for operations or expansion?   Our loan programs deliver funds inside a day or two with no collateral needed. Our loan inquiry form is here.

Credit approve

Credit Criteria:

Avalon can approve a wide range of applicants with varied credit histories.  Your company is guaranteed that an officer will listen to your story to help achieve the best possible outcome.  In addition to leases, companies with steady sales requiring immediate cash may easily qualify for a term loan for expansion, bill payment, employee hire and more. No collateral is required.

Types of Leases:

  • Finance or $1.00 Lease

    Title to equipment passes to customer at outset. Customer may take all depreciation including Section 179 Expensing. Best for durable, long life equipment.

  • Fair Market Value or True Lease

    True leases offer the lowest payment possible and is the same as a long term rental. Customer may expense the payments against income which can lower the cost of use up to 40%. At the end of term customer may return equipment, buy it for a reasonable option amount or continue to rent month by month. Excellent for technology equipment.

  • Master Lease Agreement

    A master lease is perfect for companies that acquire equipment over a period of time. A lease line is applied for and subsequent equipment acquisitions are leased with just a simple add on schedule.

  • Municipal and Not for Profit

    We have significant experience assisting not for profit organizations as well as towns, cities, states and other municipal agencies with their leasing needs. Municipal leases receive special rates so please inquire.

Cash and Loan Programs

loan application

Avalon is here to help your company grow and achieve their goals by providing limited documentation short term loans.  We also offer factoring services and merchant cash advances based on invoicing and credit card sales respectively.

Our loan program just requires just bank statements in most cases and a short history of your company.  No real estate, deposits or other collateral is required.  Rates vary according to term and credit history and are custom quoted.  We lend up to $250,000!


  • Frees up bank lines.

    Taking advantage of Avalon’s lease financing allows your company to retain bank lines and cash balances for high yielding activities such as expansion, employee hire and marketing. Avalon leverages your income producing potential significantly.

  • No fees, points or annual costs.

    The monthly payment is fixed for the term of the lease with no annual fees or other hidden costs. Plus the initial payment is as low as 2% of the amount financed.

  • Personal attention to your needs.

    Each customer has their file handled by an Avalon officer with over twenty years of experience. Your company is assured of the best possible terms and superb communications throughout as a result.

  • Tax Advantages.

    True Lease payments are fully tax deductible in most cases, reducing the actual cost by about one third. A $600- lease payment is just $400- after tax benefits are calculated in.
    Finance Leases receive all depreciation benefits including Section 179 Expensing. Most companies can realize an immediate 30-35% write off of the entire cost of the acquisition or equipment cost within months.

  • Simplicity.

    From application through documentation and supplier payment Avalon truly makes it easy to do business. Our documents are user friendly and we ensure the entire process flows smoothly so your equipment gets delivered fast.

Streamlined Process:

Both the application and documentation processes are user friendly with nominal time and paperwork needed.  Lease applications require basic company and owner information and can be completed and submitted in five minutes.  Our reply time is usually 2-4 hours.  Lease documents are prepared by us, emailed, and can be executed in five minutes as well.  Avalon delivers what others promise!


Are personal guarantees required?

At times yes.  Individual guarantees are generally required when a business is closely held and the continuing performance of the company depends on these owners. Larger companies usually do not require guarantees.

What can be included in my financing?

Virtually anything needed to activate your new equipment.  Software, cabling, installation, taxes and of course the equipment can all be included in the financed amount reducing your out of pocket expenses.

What down payment is required?

Usually just the first payment and a one payment security deposit are all that are needed out of pocket, minimizing initial cash outlay.

Can my lease be terminated early?

At any time a payoff may be requested.  Customers are responsible for the full obligation under the lease. 

Isn’t my bank cheaper?

Not necessarily.  While a bank’s interest rate might be lower usually compensating balances, annual charges and assorted fees drive up the rate without the customer knowing it.  Furthermore, borrowing from the bank reduces your access to capital which may negatively affect your growth.  Keep your capital access open for good investment or expansion opportunities.

I have a few dings on my credit. Can Avalon approve me?

Avalon is not a cookie cutter leasing company.  We are often able to approve applicants with blemished credit as long as a reasonable explanation can be provided.  Other times we can come up with terms that satisfy all parties.

What makes Avalon different from other leasing companies?

We put our customers first.  That means one on one communications, very fair rates, superlative attention, and a desire for a long term partnership.  Much of our business is of a repeat nature which is testament to the excellent services and programs we deliver.

Payment Calculator

Our Payment Calculator delivers multiple payment options in just seconds.  Payments are displayed and emailed for future reference.

Lease Application

Our Secure Lease Application can be completed in less than 5 minutes and is completely confidential.  Avalon’s Downloadable ( PDF ) Credit Application can be accessed here and may be faxed or scanned and emailed back.

Loan Application

Our working capital cash request form is here and loan funds can be used for any business purpose. Rates vary according to term and credit, please inquire.  Avalon also offers factoring.  Please use the same form.