Improve Your Sales Performance With our Customized Lease Programs

Avalon offers more than lease programs; we deliver financing solutions. With vendors having different needs and their customers requiring a range of options, professional and personal assistance is called for. Averaging 28 years of experience Avalon Leasing’s officers excel at helping your customers obtain an attractive lease while rapidly closing your sale. 

One Page to $150,000 Cost

Does your customer need fast approval without providing tax returns or other confidential financial information? Avalon finances up to $150k of equipment with just a simple one page form!  This keeps your customer’s cash free for other uses, and eases your sales process.

Capital Lease to Own

The capital or finance option conveys many benefits to the customer. Ownership of the equipment is immediate, allowing all depreciation and other tax benefits to be realized.  Great for long life equipment.

Financial Statement Program To $1,000,000

Secure approvals for larger proposals with the submission of client tax returns or financial statements. Credit replies are delivered in a day or two and customers under this program qualify for preferred rates.

True or Fair Market Lease

True leases, or rentals, allow a company to financial benefit from the use of equipment and realize tax deductible payments. Excellent for computer and other technology equipment with short life spans.

Same Day Approval Process

Your customer’s application gets priority attention always. Very often requests in by noon have a decision within a few hours and lease documents can be emailed to the clients that very day for signing.


Municipal and State Lease

Avalon has extensive experience financing equipment for school districts, towns, states, and so on. Rates can be exceptionally low depending on the transaction size.

Advance Vendor Funding

Avalon can improve your cash flow by providing a deposit prior to delivery of 50% or more. There is no charge to the vendor for this service.

Delayed Payment Lease

Sometimes companies need a little breathing time while equipment is implemented or for cash flow reasons. No problem! Avalon can offer very low payments for six months to assist the customer.