Equipment Leasing for Senior Living Facilities

Avalon Leasing provides equipment leasing services to vendors who market equipment, fixtures, and other required operational items to senior living facilities.  This includes assisted living, nursing homes, memory care, and CCRC facilities.  With well over two decades of industry experience very few leasing companies match our level of expertise in the senior living marketplace.  Whether a vendor or operator turn to Avalon, the entrenched leader in senior living equipment financing.

Benefits to the Vendor

With 30,000 senior care facilities in the U.S. it is imperative that vendors have the best tools available to market their equipment successfully to this burgeoning market.  Presenting your customers with multiple financial ways to secure your equipment helps facilitate sales. Avalon has the ability to provide versatile leasing programs that enhance your sales performance and customer satisfaction.

  • New and existing communities can be financed allowing for easier closure of proposals.
  • Avalon’s simple one page form to $150,000 equipment cost allows your customer to place orders rapidly with minimal paperwork.
  • All inclusive. Equipment, cabling, installation, software and more can be financed.
  • Same day approval and advance funding enhance your cash flow.
  • Very few leasing companies possess our industry experience. This means more approvals benefiting both the salesperson and the customer.

Partnering with Avalon is Beneficial

Whether you sell emergency call systems, furniture, buses, etc. the odds are your long term care facility customers have taken advantage of lease financing in the past.  Establishing a partnership with a finance company who understands your equipment and your customers is essential as a way accelerate sales and increase client satisfaction.  Our services are particularly valuable when any of the following occur:

  • Prospective customers have delayed or not signed a proposed contract due to budgetary reasons.
  • You lost a sale due to objections over the purchase cost.
  • Competition is squeezing your profit margins.
  • Your customer asked for financing and you were unable to provide it.

Avalon’s programs are valuable for securing repeat business from customers as well.   If your company needs a financial partner who can become an integral part of your marketing efforts turn to Avalon.  We can be reached here.

Feel free to call us toll free (770) 790-8444 to discuss matters in greater detail.