Focusing on Your Success

A message from the president: 

When we formed Avalon over twenty years ago our guiding principle was, and still is, to deliver superior leasing services with a personal touch to our equipment vendors and lease customers. After over two decades we are proud to have accomplished that feat. Our attributes include listening closely to each customer’s situation, delivering rapid decisions, and always being fair and equitable. Our loyal vendors and repeat lessees speak volumes and we truly believe that most companies seek these same qualities in a financial partner. We welcome the opportunity to assist your company in a similar fashion.


David Meltzer, President

Vendor Advantages

Selecting a leasing company that truly acts as a partner is paramount to achieving successful sales.  Our unwavering commitment to your organization is the reason vendors nationwide select Avalon as their leasing company.

  • Accelerate sales time frames with our effective, proven programs
  • Attentive, immediate service on every transaction
  • Improve profit margins
  • One point of contact
  • Advance funding available which improves cash flow
  • All soft costs allowed

Leasing Customer Benefits

Avalon has spent the last 20+ years helping our customers achieve continued growth by providing capital for needed equipment.  We understand how important speed, flexibility, and superb communications are in addition to favorable pricing.  Whether a small office or a manufacturer employing thousands Avalon enables rapid equipment acquisition within a reasonable budget. 

  • Wide variety of industries and equipment financed
  • Flexible credit criteria translates to a high approval rate
  • Up to $150,000.00 approval from one page application
  • 4-8 hours credit replies expedite your order
  • User friendly documentation
  • Officer assistance on every transaction delivers beneficial results

Click here if under $100,000 for automated help, or email here or call (770) 790-8444.

Please call or email for transactions over $100,000.00.

Click here for our PDF application form that can be downloaded and completed in a few short minutes or securely apply online.

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Please call us toll free for immediate help at (770) 790-8444 from 8:30 to 5:30 EDT.   Or email us here.